How to make the office facilities a safe working environment during the coronavirus pandemic?

The office space and environment directly affect employees and customers, so providing a safe working place will also contribute to the success of your business. Commercial property management is a complex process that is best left to professionals like FMS, who will take care of your real estate and deal with any crisis, putting maximum effort in keeping the building functional at any time.

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 pandemic had a major impact on the commercial real estate management. A large percentage of companies realized that work could be done remotely and “abandoned” their offices in the business centers. Working remotely is the new “normal” and the office building owners need to adapt to the new conditions set by companies. Until the situation is stabilized and the threat of Covid-19 is reduced, more focus should be placed on the health and the maintenance of office space. How can the office building owners do that? How can they show that their facilities are a safe working environment?


In addition to the basic protective and mandatory safety measures such as wearing a mask, regular hand washing/disinfection and maintaining a physical distance, there are additional preventive measures that will protect your tenants and their employees, give them extra security and instill confidence in you or your facility. This is more than necessary, especially at a time when the virus is gaining momentum, the crisis is spreading on a large scale and we may be quarantined.

One way to contribute to a safer facility is to clean and disinfect the central ventilation system with specialized professional appliances designed for such activity or to clean and disinfect the air conditioners.


When it comes to cleaning and disinfection, we should also mention the disinfection of all common areas in the building (reception, hallways, toilets, kitchens, elevators). Make sure your customers are aware that regular cleaning and disinfection of the working space is performed with suitable agents to make them feel a little safer.


Administrative and technical management, organization and coordination of the operation of the facility in accordance with the proposed preventive measures by the government and the health institutions. This means placing appropriate signs indicating mandatory safeguards, communicating regularly with the tenants and passing on important information such as new working protocols and the like. Depending on the size and the organization of the interior of the building, arranging one-way movement in order to avoid people crossing paths and other similar guidelines and activities that FMS can organize and manage for you.

All of these measures will instill confidence and add value to your office building, and will leave the mark of good and caring housekeeping which will be another reason for a potential client to consider leasing office space in your building.