4 most common mistakes when choosing office space

Failure to plan future development

One of the most common mistakes that companies make when choosing office space is not planning their future development opportunities and the need for additional space in the future. We operate in a dynamic market, with rapid changes in trends, where flexibility of the space is imposed as a standard requirement.

One of the key factors when choosing an office space is to properly and as far as possible predict the future development and accordingly choose a space that will be flexible and that will best respond to all changes and needs of the company.

Lease cost – most important factor

Many companies tend to choose their office space only based on the lease cost. Failure to consider the so-called hidden costs (maintenance costs, future repairs, etc.) contributes to great deviation of the planned costs from the actual ones after making the selection and moving into the business premises.

Location, quality of the space and the office building, road infrastructure and availability are just some of the factors that should be taken into account along with the lease cost and the total costs in the process of choosing office space.

Failure to take into consideration the design of the office space

Workspace flexibility and landscaping that provide optimal working conditions can increase employee productivity and creativity. Global trends show that more and more companies are emphasizing the care for their employees, the quality of space and the working conditions. The arrangement of the office space by experts in the field, in line with the specific needs of the company will contribute to greater efficiency, more satisfied employees and a more successful business.


Conducting the selection process solely within the company

The process of finding the right office space is much more than just a simple selection of space. Each step of the process requires specific knowledge and experience in certain field – brokers, consultants, lawyers, architects, engineers. Professional approach and a team of experts in the field of real estate will allow you to find the best office space that will fully meet all the needs of your company.

The office space where you perform your work responsibilities on a daily basis directly affects both the employees and your clients, and thus your overall business and success. Hence, choosing the ideal office space is a complex process where many factors need to be considered. With the help and engagement of professional and experienced specialized real estate companies such as FMS, you will be provided with professional service and the right solution for office space according to your needs.