Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems

Our engineering team is fully committed and trained to perform a complete analysis of customer requirements related to HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), offering solutions for both residential and office buildings, always taking into account costs, functionality, duration and maintenance of equipment after its installation.

We offer complete set of services for HVAC projects including design, installation and maintenance to ensure system quality and after-sales service to the satisfaction of the clients.

We have proven experience in a number of realized projects that include consulting services, installation and maintenance services. We have a dedicated team in charge of air conditioning and ventilation providing the client with full one stop shop service and offering solutions for all his requirements.

Maintenance of HVAC systems should be taken very seriously, whether the goal is to reduce electricity costs, improve efficiency or have fewer repairs and less chance of system failure.

Our professional team of engineers has extensive experience in servicing and maintaining HVAC systems of various sizes, manufacturers, types of equipment and various facilities where the systems are installed, from small residential inverters to chillers and VRF systems for offices.

The HVAC system works best and optimally when regularly serviced and cleaned. A single defective part can cause a domino effect and malfunction of the whole system. That is why we have a team of technicians responsible for this particular part of the maintenance of the HVAC system. Cleaning is performed with special equipment for inspection and cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems. This equipment improves the entire system and the indoor air quality.

Benefits offered by FMS:

  • One Stop Shop – all services in one place
  • Real Estate Management, Facility Management, Accounting and Credit Control – all in one office
  • Providing services in a consistent and coordinated manner
  • Responsibility and high-quality services
  • Well-defined, thorough and strategic counseling
  • Accountability and transparency

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.