Stratos DS model 220

Manufacturer: Cordivari



Compared to traditional solar systems with natural circulation, which have an external storage tank, separated from the collector, Stratos DR system produces domestic hot water through direct heating of the sanitary storage tank which is integrated in the panel. It can be installed on flat surface on support with 42° inclination or on pitched roofs with inclination angle from 10° to 70°.

Technical features

Dimensions 2288 х 831 х 198 mm
Gross surface area 2,37 m2
Empty weight 72 kg
Net volume DHW accumulation 210 Lt


Important features

  • Electrical heater with thermostat
  • Anti freeze heating element for temperatures up to -5°С
  • Max. pressure inlet 4 bar
  • Max. pressure accumulation 6 bar
  • 6 bar safety valve
  • Available in 5 sizes/models
  • Ideal for 4 people