Stratos 4S model 180

Manufacturer: Cordivari



Stratos 4S is an innovative, compact, highly-efficient solar thermal system with integrated DHW storage. It is equipped with a patented self-balancing and anti-stagnation system. It is indicated for the production of domestic hot water in all climatic zones thanks to its ability to retain the captured heat. The system can in fact be installed in areas with temperatures up to -20°С.

Available in 2 versions:

  • Rotoshield – the patented self-protecting and anti-stagnation system
  • Heat Control – the active protection system against over temperature

Technical features

Dimensions 2160 х 1052 х 163 mm
Gross surface area 2,27 m2
Weight when operating 89 kg

Important features


  • Thermosiphon system
  • Vacuum technology
  • Anodized aluminum fame marine grade
  • Domestic hot water accumulation in stainless steel
  • Max. pressure inlet 4 bar
  • Max. pressure accumulation 7,5 bar
  • 6 bar safety valve
  • Available in 2 sizes/models