Model PuriCare AS60GDWV0

Manufacturer: LG



  • HEPA filter and 6 step filtration:
    • Allergy Dust Filter – total dust collection and allergy care
    • Harmful Gas Filter – remove living odor, smog and airborne chemicals
  • PM 1.0 Smart Sensor – PuriCare™ indicates Air quality in numbers automatically with PM1.0 sensor and Gas sensor very precisely
  • 360 ° Purification – a unique design that allows air suction from all sides, which with the help of the axial-centrifugal fan provides 20% more powerful filtration
  • Powerful Clean Booster – a rotating part placed on the top of the device that rotates 35 ° to the left and right for better air circulation. In combination with the powerful fan, the purifier blows clean air at a distance of up to 7.5 meters horizontally and 1.5 meters vertically
  • Digital display with smart lighting in 4 colors which: operation mode, current level of RM particles and air quality in the room, the default fan settings, etc.
  • Possibility for centralized control through the LG ThinQ application, which offers:
  • Setting a daily and weekly schedule for turning the device on and off
  • Air quality monitoring on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis
  • Possibility for group control of several devices placed in different rooms in the same building

Technical features

Coverage area up to 58 sqm
Dimensions 360 х 597 х 360 mm
Sound level 50 / 25 dB(A)