Multi V 5

Manufacturer: LG



LG’s Multi V 5 VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A which allows simultaneous heating and cooling of different rooms in same building. Outdoor units are available in power from 8 to 26 HP and in combination with two to four units can reach a maximum power of 96 HP. They can be connected to wall, ceiling and parapet indoor units and though the controllers operating settings can be made centrally or separately for each indoor unit.

Technical features

Cooling capacity (min.~ max. ): 22,4 ~ 268,8 kW
Operation range cooling -15 ~ +48°C
Operation range heating -25 ~ +18°C
Total piping length max. 1000 m
Pipe length max. 225 m
Max. height difference (ODU – INU) 110 m
Max. height difference (IDU – IDU) 40 m
Power supply 3, 380 ~ 415 V

50 ~ 60 Hz

Important features

  • Dual Sensing Smart Load Control – reacts to load requirements by monitoring both temperature and humidity level and automatically set the cooling/heating mode thus achieving consumption reduction
  • Ocean Black Fin – the black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied on the heat exchanger for strong protection from various corrosive external conditions such as salt contamination and air pollution
  • Certified Corrosion Resistance for heat exchanger
  • Low noise operation mode
  • Intelligent defrost system of the outdoor unit, it switches on according to the external temperature and humidity level
  • The biomimetic fan, with external texture like clam shell, allows reduced noise, increased air flow rate by 10% and up to 20% reduced power consumption.
  • HiPOR (High Pressure Oil Return) enables oil to return directly into the compressor, instead of returning through the refrigerant suction pipe
  • It can operate as Heat Pump System, two pipe system ; and Heat Recovery System, which can be connected to a domestic water heater
  • Possibility to connect to BMS (Building Management System)