Model VNT2000 Cordivari

Manufacturer: Cordivari



The new fan coolers from the Italian brand "Cordivari" are ultra-modern, highly efficient and quiet heating and cooling devices. Their slim design, touch screen and choice of colors make them a modern, elegant and stylish accessory for any home.
- Ultra compact structure with slim design and low noise
- Highly efficiency DC inverter brushless motor
- High efficiency heat exchanger
- Modern and innovative touch control display
- Polypropylene filter
- Galvanized and painted metal structure, complete with insulation and aluminum alloy grids
- Condensing drain tray with anti-drip insulation
The variety of elegant and modern colors allows these fan coils to fit perfectly into your home or office.


Technical features

Model: VNT2000 Мin. Max.
Air flow [m3/h] 50 160
Maximum power absorbed [watt] 14
Sound pressure [dB(A)] 19.8 39
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions [mm] 694 x 558 x 129
Operating weight/dry [kg] 16 18
Heating capacity while water/ambient temperature 70°/20°C
Output [watt] 1089 1553
Flow rate [l/s] 162
Pressure loss [kPa] 7.00
Heating capacity while water/ambient temperature 50°/20°C
Output [watt] 692 994
Flow rate [l/s] 142
Pressure loss [kPa] 6.50
Cooling capacity while water in/out 7/12°C and ambient temperature 27/19°C
Output [watt] 574 748
Flow rate [l/s] 142
Pressure loss [kPa] 7.00