Manufacturer: LG



LG Inverter Scroll Chiller (Heat Pump model) provides cooling and heating of large buildings. They are available in nominal power in cooling mode from 65 to 222 kW.

Important features

  • Inverter compressor that provides high efficiency at low vibration and low noise level
    • 6 bypass valves to prevent compressor damage
    • Wide range of operation, at frequencies from 30 to 130 Hz
    • HiPOR™ (High Pressure Oil Return) technology boosts compressor efficiency by directly returning oil into the compressor
  • If one compressor or one cycle has a trouble or to be repaired, backup
    operation helps the whole unit to operate continuously
  • Ocean Black Fin – the black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied on the heat exchanger for strong protection from various corrosive external conditions such as salt contamination and air pollution
  • Black box function – Quick service can be done because operation data can be saved for 180 seconds before system failure.
  • Installation space is much smaller than A company’s due to compact size (43% Reduction)
  • Lower noise can remove complains from noise pollution and provide a quieter environment. Silent operation function can reduce noise levels at night time by adjusting the fan RPM
  • HMI Touch Controller and BMS communication system (Building Management System)